What people have said about our courses:

"Great day today Rhonda - your two instructors were super awesome, I’m sure you hear that all the time. Both were extremely knowledgeable, easy to listen to all day, LOVED the real life examples and hands on practice."


"Your First Aid course was so engaging, there was never a dull moment.  Not only was everyone in the class listening and “present”, the course material was so practical.  I think everyone left with a better understanding of what to do in emergency situations." - Cheryl


"Thank you so much for the wonderful course. It was so easy to understand and fun. You guys managed the time very efficiently. We really enjoy it. We have taken first aid with different organizations. Since I found out about your first aid course, all my staff really enjoy your course." - Sharon 

"I wanted to reach out and let you know my staff and I were so impressed by Kendal's ability yesterday to make our training session educational as well as entertaining. She was very knowledgeable and kept the information light and fun. It was a delightful evening that I feel was a great additive to our current cycle in staff education. I left last night feeling like it was also a team building event that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Worth every cent spent! I would recommend this to all businesses and will going forward.  Please send our thanks to Kendal!" - Erin Tomlinson, Pawsitively Pooched

​“Kareene was absolutely amazing to deal with. She was very patient with the kids - And made the course fun for all of us.  As always Rhonda, it was another great experience dealing with you and your associates!  Thank you!" - Mona

​“Kareene was incredible! I've taken a bunch of of First Aid courses and she was one of the best, if not the best, instructor I've had. Thanks for setting this up for us!” - Chelsea

​“I have never taken a course that I would honestly say, I’d do it again next weekend. Way to go Certified First Aid. I will be calling you for my Recertification in 3 years.” - ML

“What a course! I will be recommending this company to anyone needing First Aid.”  - SM

“The interactive games and activities we did were great and I learned so much more. Thanks.” - MW

“A day following a course taught by Certified First Aid, I was required to jump into action. I was at a popular coffee shop in my area when an unknown lady in front of me dropped to the floor. Everyone around me began to panic and no one was jumping in to assist the lady, so I took what I had learned the day earlier and took care of the young lady that was unconscious on the floor of the coffee shop. I immediately called 911 and followed the steps I was taught in the course. I was very happy that the young lady was breathing so I performed a Secondary Survey while waiting for EMS to arrive. When EMS arrived I was able to tell them that the young lady was Diabetic based on her medical alert bracelet and EMS was shocked that I was able to find this information before they got to the scene.
Without the knowledge from the course a day earlier, I imagine I would have panicked but I didn’t. I was calm and felt very proud of myself for learning and retaining so much information from a day earlier at a course offered by Certified First Aid. I tell many people this story and encourage everyone to contact Certified First Aid for a great hands on First Aid and CPR course.” - RG

“I love the way you got us to learn the skills. I also thought I would forget what to do in an Emergency. I am confident I could handle any emergency situation now.” - CL

“Rhonda was the best, interactive, funny and informative First Aid instructor. She got to the point, never bored us and made the information stick. Good job.” - CS

“As an Early Childhood Professional, Rhonda taught me exactly what I need to know working in the field and made the course so applicable.” - LT

“What I liked the best about the course was how flexible Certified First Aid was and how they accommodated our company. Thanks Certified First Aid, see you in 3 years.” - JC

“I just wish to thank you for the excellent class you taught us. Yesterday we had an event in our offices where a guy dropped and 911 was called. With the course material you taught us I was able to react without thinking knowing exactly what to do. Once I noticed he had labored breathing foaming at the mouth with blue lips I placed him into the recovery position. He is fine now it turned out he had a seizure.
In the past I had always thought these refresher courses were nothing more than a money grab but this certainly has changed my view. I can't imagine not knowing CPR or how many sleepless nights one would have if they would never take a course like this. I just wanted you to know that you are providing a very valuable service to our community not only for the victim but equally so for the immediate people around!
You should be real proud of you chosen profession. Thanks again!” - WL

“Certified First Aid courses are instructed very well. They demonstarte and provide repetition which really helped me learn more. The instructors are always open for questions and are very imformative and professional.” - RS


“The course was really awesome. The instructor made it fun and not stressful at all. I can’t wait to come back next year.” - LA


“I have been using Certified First Aid for my certification for the past 8 years as I am a Health Care Provider and I must do my certification every year. I honestly won’t go anywhere else to get my certification and always look forward to seeing Rhonda. Certified First Aid is the best.” - GT


“Certified First Aid taught me in my Sports Med class this year and I was nervous at first but it was the best course I have ever taken and I wish that High School was as enjoyable and hands-on as this course.” - LM


“Certified First Aid has been teaching for our agency since the day Rhonda began instructing and although she didn’t recertify me this year, her staff (the girls) were wonderful. I laughed and had a great day. Thanks again for another great course Certified First Aid." - DB